BRIGGS World Formula Clutch

CLUTCH OVERVIEW: The Titan Racing Clutch is designed for those who take racing seriously. The drum is machined to minimize run out and maximize power transmission. When components run true, they run fast. High quality thrust and needle bearings are used to reduce friction. Business are acceptable in some applications, but not in this class of racing karts. The shoes are designed so they engage and lock into position. This means a lower release point and more poser on the low end. The interchangeable sprockets allow you to pick your reduction ratio. Not every track requires the same set up. You know what works best for you. Event the springs have been specifically engineered for this clutch. The spring’s material selection, hook opening, preload, and engagement point have all been designed, tested and proven to give you the same level of performance time and time again.

Noram, like you, takes racing and winning seriously. See you in the winner’s circle! VIEW CLUTCH SPECIFICATIONS >>