Jeff Hargarten, President of NORAM, recently announced that new imaging elements have been developed for the company, including a dynamic logo, descriptor and slogan. “Our new corporate identity package dramatically reflects the technological superiority of our centrifugal clutch and go kart clutch product lines and services,” Hargarten stated.

To visually depict its name, NORAM selected for its logo a weighty, bold typeface in a powerful red hue, adding above the logotype a graphic of three intertwined sets of concentric circles, symbolizing the integration of NORAM, its customers and suppliers. Appearing beneath the logo, the descriptor, Power Transfer Solutions, conveys the company’s engineering core competency.

Hargarten explained the strategy behind the slogan rollout by saying, “NORAM’s innovative trademarked slogan clearly expresses in only two words our corporate philosophy: Excellence Throughout™. We apply this slogan to each and every facet of our business, from our lean manufacturing practices to our emphasis on workplace efficiencies. Our ongoing continuous improvement initiatives are evident in all our processes beginning with design and flowing through the various phases of production and assembly including our product support beyond delivery,” he continued.

In order to communicate its unique new imaging, NORAM has produced a six-page full color brochure, recapping capabilities and stressing the factors that differentiate the company from its competitors.

Living the slogan Excellence Throughout™, NORAM is a certified ISO 9001:2000 manufacturer of patented centrifugal clutches, go kart clutches, clutch brakes, and other power transmission solutions for more than 300 OEMs. Stringent quality standards, on-time delivery, excellent technical support and the flexibility to address the unique requirements of individual projects have all combined to solidify NORAM’s reputation as a leader in centrifugal clutch power transfer solutions for engines up to 50 hp. For more than four decades, NORAM has provided the highest quality products to a global base of clients in diverse market segments, including the construction, lawn and garden, refrigeration, go kart and small utility vehicle, marine and manufacturing industries. The company’s extensive capabilities include engineering design, CNC machining to tight tolerances, assembly, quick turnaround time and custom brazing of copper and phosphor bronze alloys.

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