MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN — Jeff Hargarten, President of NORAM, recently announced that the company has established a quality management process that is in conformance with the International Quality System Standard ISO 9001:2000. The registration, which includes in scope the design and manufacture of centrifugal clutches, go kart clutches, clutch brakes, and other power transfer solutions, was audited by American Systems Registrar. NORAM was awarded certified status the first time the company applied.

Hargarten expressed pride in the accomplishments of the organization he directs. “For NORAM, the ISO requirements are directed at achieving total customer satisfaction by preventing nonconformity at all stages of production. The ISO certification gives our worldwide customers confidence that we are extremely capable and totally committed to the quality of our parts for their products. I’m proud to say that the complete and unwavering dedication of our employees is reflected in each part we produce.”

Gregg Hackney, Vice President, Operations, was the liaison responsible for implementing the certification process. He noted that, in addition to the actual certification, the process itself has had wide ranging benefits for the company. “Since each department within a company must meet the criteria for certification, our customers can feel confident that all the policies, procedures and practices at NORAM are designed to address any production issue with quality as the underlying motivation. Undergoing this type of process and then focusing on maintaining these standards makes us all quality professionals,” he explained. “These policies and procedures were not new to us, but we have now formalized them. Continuous improvement is the method we have long used to uphold our slogan, Excellence Throughout™.”

As Hackney sees it, customers will benefit from NORAM’s certification in several ways. “When potential customers see our ISO Certification, they can be assured that quality criteria are in place here and are reviewed quarterly.

New customers will not need to implement their own expensive and time-consuming quality audits. And, all of our customers, in the U.S. and abroad, can be assured that we have scrutinized and carefully examined all of our methodologies and policies. To maintain this certification, we must live continuous improvement. This is not a process that ends with the receipt of the certificate.”

Living the slogan Excellence Throughout™, NORAM is a certified ISO 9001:2000 manufacturer of patented centrifugal clutches, go kart clutches, clutch brakes, and other power transmission solutions for more than 300 OEMs. Stringent quality standards, on-time delivery, excellent technical support and the flexibility to address the unique requirements of individual projects have all combined to solidify NORAM’s reputation as a leader in centrifugal clutch power transfer solutions for engines up to 50 hp. For more than four decades, NORAM has provided the highest quality products to a global base of clients in diverse market segments, including the construction, lawn and garden, refrigeration, go kart and small utility vehicle, marine and manufacturing industries. The company’s extensive capabilities include engineering design, CNC machining to tight tolerances, assembly, quick turnaround time and custom brazing of copper and phosphor bronze alloys.

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