MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN — Jeff Hargarten, President of North American Clutch Corporation (NORAM), has announced the introduction of the Tri-Lobe™ Centrifugal Clutch, the company’s most recent addition to its comprehensive product mix. “Our research revealed that our customers were seeking a narrower profile clutch than those currently on the market,” Hargarten stated. “The Tri-Lobe, our new three-shoe centrifugal clutch, fulfills our customers’ requests and objectives.”

Approximately 7″ in diameter, the slender contour of the Tri-Lobe Centrifugal Clutch significantly enhances balance by more evenly distributing the weight on the crankshaft, decreasing the amount of overhang to present a more streamlined appearance. “Our design engineers utilized advanced compression spring technology in the Tri-Lobe rather than the conventional pull spring arrangement,” Hargarten explained. “This more efficient design provides multiple features and benefits to the equipment end user. The clutch fits solidly, performs longer and more consistently.” He continued, “Because of the durable compression springs, there is less fatigue, which allows the clutch to enjoy a dramatically extended life cycle. Ease of maintenance and readily available parts are both additional benefits of this superior new product.”

The unique Tri-Lobe Centrifugal Clutch was crafted for domestic and international markets to replace the NORAM 6060 Series and competing clutches for concrete pumps, riding trowels and other large (up to 50 hp) applications. The clutch fits a 1″ bore and up, with different pulley sizes and crankshaft configurations possible. The shoes feature an innovative lining for a better coefficient of friction.

“In our constant endeavor to design and manufacture premium components for the industries we serve, we are focusing on developing solutions for the challenges our customers face daily. The Tri-Lobe Centrifugal Clutch is an excellent example of our efforts,” Hargarten concluded. The Tri-Lobe Clutch will be available in August, 2003, from any NORAM distributor, or directly from NORAM.

Living the slogan Excellence Throughout™, NORAM is a certified ISO 9001:2000 manufacturer of patented centrifugal clutches, go kart clutches, clutch brakes, and other power transmission solutions for more than 300 OEMs. Stringent quality standards, on-time delivery, excellent technical support and the flexibility to address the unique requirements of individual projects have all combined to solidify NORAM’s reputation as a leader in centrifugal clutch power transfer solutions for engines up to 50 hp. For more than four decades, NORAM has provided the highest quality products to a global base of clients in diverse market segments, including the construction, lawn and garden, refrigeration, go kart and small utility vehicle, marine and manufacturing industries. The company’s extensive capabilities include engineering design, CNC machining to tight tolerances, assembly, quick turnaround time and custom brazing of copper and phosphor bronze alloys.

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