MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN — Jeff Hargarten, President of North American Clutch Corporation (NORAM), recently announced the introduction of The Cheetah™ Racing Go Kart Clutch for 3/4″ bore engines in the go kart racing market. “Named for the fastest animal on earth, The Cheetah was created in direct response to our customers’ growing demand for go kart clutches with faster acceleration,” he disclosed.

Hargarten noted that a significant benefit of The Cheetah Racing Clutch is its durability, which dramatically decreases the amount of part replacement downtime common in racing. “In addition to enhancing acceleration for racing go karts, we wanted to ensure a longer life for the clutch. To accomplish this, our unique design features an innovative lining technology specially formulated for the singular demands of the racing environment,” he continued. “Also, The Cheetah Clutch is equipped with interchangeable 13, 14 and 15 tooth sprockets (most clutches are sold with only one sprocket) to accommodate differing track dynamics and shapes, changing the ratio for faster or slower racing conditions.”

According to Hargarten, an extraordinary amount of research resulted in the creation of this efficient, cost-effective go kart clutch. The new Cheetah Clutch utilizes copper disks rather than steel to dissipate heat more quickly, and sports larger, machined spring retainers than most models to eliminate spring binding. The lightweight go kart clutch is assembled with a fully CNC machined aluminum housing and CNC precision machined sprocket teeth. The Cheetah, in the tradition of all NORAM racing clutches, is designed to operate on most domestic and foreign engines.

“In our corporate culture of continuous improvement, we are constantly searching for methodologies that will enhance our products and streamline our production processes to better serve our customers,” explained Hargarten. “The Cheetah Clutch is the payoff for this mindset.”

The introduction of The Cheetah has been well received. Hargarten revealed, “We first unveiled our unique Cheetah Racing Clutch at the recent WKA Show in Hickory, North Carolina, and the KMI Show in Mt. Pleasant, Illinois, where all the comments were extremely favorable.” The Cheetah Clutch for 3/4″ bore engines will be available in May, 2003, at Target distributors.

Living the slogan Excellence Throughout™, NORAM is a certified ISO 9001:2000 manufacturer of patented centrifugal clutches, go kart clutches, clutch brakes, and other power transmission solutions for more than 300 OEMs. Stringent quality standards, on-time delivery, excellent technical support and the flexibility to address the unique requirements of individual projects have all combined to solidify NORAM’s reputation as a leader in centrifugal clutch power transfer solutions for engines up to 50 hp. For more than four decades, NORAM has provided the highest quality products to a global base of clients in diverse market segments, including the construction, lawn and garden, refrigeration, go kart and small utility vehicle, marine and manufacturing industries. The company’s extensive capabilities include engineering design, CNC machining to tight tolerances, assembly, quick turnaround time and custom brazing of copper and phosphor bronze alloys.

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