AS A KART RACER, YOU’RE CONCERNED WITH ONE THING: Getting across that finish line ahead of everyone else. And, to help increase your chances, you have to make a lot of decisions on whose equipment to use in outfitting your machine. At NORAM, we manufacture what we believe are the finest four-cycle racing go kart clutches, kart sprockets, hubs, and axle cassettes in the world. Versatility by design allows NORAM racing products to be “tuned” to fit your machines own unique characteristics as well as the track’s. That means response … based upon your standards, not somebody else’s.

EVERY NORAM RACING GO KART CLUTCH or go kart part is a direct result of years of technical innovation in design, precision engineering and the use of the highest quality components. But, at NORAM, we believe that high quality doesn’t have to mean high price. We want to help increase your chances of winning, not your cash output. The choice is simple. Why just run when you can fly? With NORAM.