LINEAR ACTUATOR APPLICATIONS: The Noram Pressured Air Control (PAC) Linear Actuator is being used in the lawn and garden, construction and transportation industry as a low cost and reliable method of activating levers, belts and remote devices. Because of the low amp draw, the PAC Actuator works well with most 12 volt system and requires no electrical upgrades to engines. Present actuator uses include brake systems, mower deck engagements, remote latching devices, throttle controls, mechanical clutches and caster locking devices. FEATURES AND BENEFITS: PAC Linear Actuator uses significantly less power, drastically reducing electrical loads on the engine. Draws less than 2 amp versus the 5-10 amps consumed by a typical electric clutch Requires no special engine modifications. Achieves significant savings by avoiding costly system upgrades. Provides noticeable smoother engagement. Eliminates shock loads common with electric clutches. Is capable of engaging mower deck at idle engine speed. Offers single button engagement at no addition expense. Is far easier to use, troubleshoot and maintain. Facilitates fail safe operation. Defaults to the off position when the 12 volt power supply is shut off or depleted. Features a durable design. Resists vibration and temperature variations to provide decades of reliable and cost-effective use. Benefit from the broad-based support of the NORAM engineering team by creating a customized system solution for your application. VIEW LINEAR ACTUATOR SPECIFICATIONS >>