CENTRIFUGAL CLUTCH APPLICATIONS: NORAM’s 1800 Series centrifugal clutches were designed for pumps, compressors, floor buffers, construction equipment, drilling equipment, garden equipment, chipper-shredders, road machinery, farm machinery, stump cutters, earth augers, compactors, trowels, and go karts. FEATURES AND BENEFITS: Engineered for a broad range of power demanding industrial applications. Three shoe configurations allow 360º of contact surface for maximum torque efficiency with less slip and greater operating range. Shoe linings have high coefficient of friction and are resistant to wear, fading and troublesome vibration. Customized designs available to meet specific power needs. Standard models meet most industrial requirements. If the models available on the web don’t meet your needs then please fill out our spec sheet or call us. Our engineering data base contains hundreds of variations to choose from or we can design a centrifugal clutch to meet your particular needs. VIEW CENTRIFUGAL CLUTCH SPECIFICATIONS >>