CENTRIFUGAL CLUTCH APPLICATIONS: NORAM’s Tri-Lobe 3700 Series centrifugal clutch is a narrow profile, three-shoe clutch ideal for chippers, compressors, concrete pumps, riding trowels, transport refrigeration, blowers, and other large (up to 50 hp) industrial clutch applications. FEATURES AND BENEFITS: Greater operating range. Slender 7″ diameter design evenly distributes the weight on the crankshaft, enhancing balance while noticeably decreasing the amount of overhang for a more streamlined appearance. Quiet operation. Self-energizing design transfers maximum torque. Reduced vibration. Less slippage. Fits a 1″ bore and up, with different pulley sizes and crankshaft configurations possible. Advanced compression spring technology enables the solid fit, perform longer and more consistent performance than those featuring a conventional pull spring arrangement. This reduction in fatigue dramatically extends clutch life cycle and reduces spring failure. A superior bonded, long-life shoe lining provides a better coefficient of friction. Parts are readily available for maximum ease of maintenance. Easy installation. Nine models to meet your specific load requirements. If the models available on the web don’t meet your needs then please fill out our spec sheet or call us. Our engineering data base contains hundreds of variations to choose from or we can design a centrifugal clutch to meet your particular needs. VIEW CENTRIFUGAL CLUTCH SPECIFICATIONS >>