GO KART CLUTCH OVERVIEW: The Cheetah – the fastest animal on the planet. Introducing the exciting new Cheetah Racing Go Kart Clutch – soon to be recognized as the fastest 4-cycle racing clutch in kart racing history. Designed by the award winning engineers at NORAM, the most powerful name in kart racing, this new entry is destined to become a legend in its own time. Be first on the track to run a Cheetah – and be first across the finish line. FEATURES AND BENEFITS: Less weight on the crankshaft. Less spring binding. Better lock-up. Cooler running. Longer running. Comes with 13, 14, and 15 tooth kart sprockets which accommodate variances in track dynamics and shapes, changing the ratio for faster or slower racing conditions. There is nothing faster than a Cheetah. VIEW GO KART CLUTCH SPECIFICATIONS >>