GO KART CLUTCH OVERVIEW: NORAM’s GE Racing Go Kart Clutch – the undisputed karting industry legend for more than 40 years – owns a powerful track record for transferring hundreds of drivers straight to the winner’s circle. Now, you can be first at the track to run the all NEW, more versatile, higher performance GE Ultimate Racing Go kart Clutch. Designed to seamlessly mesh with the skill level of the driver and track conditions, our latest performance energizer will consistently deliver a trophy-winning race, day after day, season after season. FEATURES AND BENEFITS: Alternate shoe configurations easily conform to your unique driving skills. Variable torque settings dramatically decrease slippage, enabling you to prevail over both treacherous and tranquil track configurations. Replaceable 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18 tooth sprockets eliminate frequent, and costly, drum replacement. A 219 chain is also available. Stamped drum features strategically placed venting holes for maximum airflow, cooler operation and a stream lined, aerodynamic contour. Thrust bearings contribute to an exceptionally smooth performance. High tech linings provide maximum coefficient of friction. Now there’s the winning combination of high performance without a hefty price tag. Visit a Target Distributor near you today. VIEW GO KART CLUTCH SPECIFICATIONS >>